The product can be booked in combination with an international flight.

Rail&Fly can be used from any DB station and allows passengers to use Deutsche Bahn’s trains as a flexible and hassle-free way of traveling between their selected railway station and the airport that they will depart from or arrive at.

The offer covers all German airports in addition to the airports Basel, Salzburg, Amsterdam, Brussel and Zurich.

The ticket to/from the airport can be used on the selected day of travel without being restricted to a specified train.
Rail&Fly tickets are valid on regional and long-distance trains as well as on selected non-federally owned railways (NE-Bahnen).
The airline sets the prices and conditions, which are specified in the fare notes. The ticket will be validated on airline stock.

To facilitate the booking possibilities for the travel agents, fictitious placeholder connections to/from QYG to to/from the airports have been added in all major GDSs. This code serves only for ticket issuance in GDS by IATA Agents.
Schedules in the GDSs for any route that includes QYG are not corresponding to an actual train schedule but allows you to choose the suitable connection. Final destination and exact train departure time will only be selected upon online check in steps (further explained in the Online Check-in section).

All train segments will be published in the GDS under the 2 letter code W2.


W2 6200-6629

Searching and booking the flight connection plus Rail&Fly segment is done in the same way as a “standard” flight booking process.




Passengers automatically get the feeder service that is best suited to their flights.

Valid on the DB trains booked.

The ICE trains are given a flight number and represent real train connections.

Automated mapping of airport and rail station codes (e.g. a flight request to STR also displays connections to ZWS).

Interline/Codeshare can only be booked in combination with an international flight.
The airline sets the prices and conditions, which are specified in the fare notes. The tickets are issued on partner airline stock.

Query the flight connection in the same way as for a “normal” flight booking.

If you would like to make a Codeshare booking, select the desired carrier – that has a Codeshare Agreement with DB – directly in the flight query. The rail segments are displayed under the selected Codeshare carrier Code.

Thanks to the cooperation between FLEXFLIGHT/W2 – and Deutsche Bahn, travel agents now also have the possibility of issuing ONLY train segments in a PNR without connecting it necessarily with a flight segment.

You will find train segments filed under the below flight range:
W2 6630 and until W2 7199

The booking process is identical to a flight booking process (as shown in previous descriptions).

There are no point of sales restrictions – all IATA travel agencies around the world can issue the train segments in the GDSs.

In the flight booking process, the website where to process the online check-in is provided as an SSR element.
At the time of the booking, please inform the passenger to keep the PNR locator or e-ticket number handy to facilitate the online check-in.

Ahead of travel, passengers must check-in for each Train Segment separately and get their Train Tickets from the above mentioned website. Check-in is open immediately after ticketing and closes before train departure for interline destinations and at 23:59 of the departure day for QYG stations.

Online check-in process:

1. Open the website

2. Insert first and last name(s) as they are in the ticket, including any possible spaces between parts of the name.
Insert all additional name elements, such as JR/SR/DR/PROF, but do not insert MR/MS/MRS elements. You can use both small as well as capital letters.
In the Booking Reference field insert the GDS or W2 record locator consisting of six digits. You can also use the 13 digits ticket number instead, if needed, without hyphen.

3. Click on “Login”. If all data is correct and the segment is subject to check-in, a new page will open with a “Check-in” button that is actively displayed.
In case the PNR contains also a return segment, both will be displayed at this step.


4. Click on “Check-in”. You will proceed to the next step, the Passenger selection.

Name changes are not allowed. If there is only one traveller in the PNR proceed with “Continue”.
If there are more people travelling with the first passenger on the same train, you can use the “Add Passenger” feature and create one joined ticket for all of them.
Only the first passenger’s name will be printed on it.

5. After clicking on the “Continue” button, a new page with the train selection will open.

a) For the QYG segment you will need to select the train destination/departure, by inserting a city name manually in the blank field. It can be any destination within Deutsche Bahn’s network, including transit connections.

The airport field is not possible to select. Departure time will be taken from the ticket but you can adjust it easily to a different one within the same day in order to meet your desired connection.

Click on “Continue” to proceed.

You can navigate between departure hours using the arrow buttons on the left and right sides of the hours bar. If you click on each hour, all existing trains departing within the next 60 minutes will be listed below. You can check the train details by clicking on the “Info” button to the right. You need to select a connection by clicking on it, before clicking “Continue”.

b) For an interline segment you will not need to select train destination/departure, as they are stored in the ticket and cannot be changed. Instead, the summary page will open, displaying all connection details.

6. To accept and continue, insert your email address and click on the “Check-in” button.

7. The online check-in will now be completed and the coupon of the ticket will be changed to L (lifted) 48 hours before departure. A PDF document with Deutsche Bahn tickets is now generated and ready for download and printout. It will also be sent by email to the inserted email address. Use the “Download Ticket” button or “Re-send Ticket” to retrieve your travel document. After you logout you will still be able to login again and retrieve the stored ticket for reprint (possible until train departure).